Adjacent Energy was founded in 2012 by a group of energy professionals dedicated to helping business find the best way to meet their energy needs. Adjacent Energy has become the most reliable and trustworthy electricity and natural gas procurement company in Texas.

In 1999, electricity was deregulated, enabling consumers to choose their providers and consultants. However, to this day, many companies do not have a program in place to train their agents on the energy markets, resulting in unnecessary energy costs. At Adjacent Energy, all of our agents are certified and have a deep understanding of the electricity market in deregulated areas. You can be assured that our agents are highly trained professionals who will help you meet your electricity needs.

Our company is a full service firm where we help both commercial customers and, residential customers alike. Sometimes we can even bundle the commercial and residential accounts together so customers can enjoy the same rate for their home. The main goal of our company is to provide our clients with power at a lower cost. We are confident that we are able to accomplish this through our savvy risk management, energy procurement, and contract negotiation skills. Thank you for visiting our company website and we look forward to serving you!