Curiosity is a good thing! This page contains questions that we frequently receive from clients. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us at 832.312.4551.

Why did my state deregulate?
Consider this: If you only used one company for each basic need in your life – one gas, one grocery store etc.- how would you know if you were missing out on better quality products or prices? Competition is good for consumers, because it keeps businesses on their toes, and arms with more information and options. However, all these additional options can also lead to confusions and uncertainty. Adjacent Energy does the research and analysis for you, enabling you to turn your focus to running your own business.

Who reads my meter once I switch?

Good question! No matter which provider we match you with, your power will still be physically delivered by your Transmission and Distribution Service Provider. Not only will they be responsible for checking your meter, they will be responsible for maintaining the wires and poles for your power as well. No matter who Adjacent Energy matches you with for your energy needs, it will not affect the service and reliability of your Transmission and Distribution.

Who do I call if I have a power outage?

Once again, this is the responsibility of your local Transmission and Distribution Service Provider. Call the number that is printed on your energy bill, and you will be connected with someone who can help you get help for emergencies and repairs. They can and will help you, no matter who your energy provider is.

What if I am currently in a contract?

In this case, Adjacent Energy will allow you to “Forward Lock” your new contract, until you have fulfilled the obligations of your current one. This allows you to avoid penalties from your current company, while still taking advantage of the current market. Forward Locks provide our clients with budget certainty, peace of mind, and price protection.

What is included in a fixed adder?

A fixed price added to the wholesale energy index price, the fixed energy adder cover’s more than just the supplier’s costs. It also covers vital supply components like transmission ancillaries, applicable supply taxes, network capacity and more. When buying on an index-basis, this is the only aspect of the Index Rate that can be locked in and guaranteed to remain steady over time.