About Us

Who we are

When it comes to energy, we all want the same thing: the most effective energy supply to suit our needs at an affordable price. This is why deregulation in 18 states is so exciting. This allows you the opportunity and freedom to find the most dynamic energy supplier.

This is where we come in. At Adjacent Energy, we offer consulting expertise that will put a smile on your face while putting the power in powerful energy suppliers. Although our headquarters are in Houston, Texas, you don’t have to be.

Instead, you can take advantage of our remarkable consulting services if you are located in one of the 18 deregulated states. Our phenomenal expertise and versatility have allowed us to build an exceptional array of clients, including restaurant chains, small family-operated businesses, entertainment, real estate, manufacturing, and the oil & gas industry.

We run our business so professionally and dynamically that we help companies with product knowledge in every single one of the deregulated states in the US. This is why we would proudly provide you with our services and make the transition to the ideal energy supplier as easy and convenient as possible.

Why we do it

We all deserve freedom of choice. That is why the government passed deregulation laws. These laws not only give consumers the power to choose what is best for themselves, but it protects them, too. As a result, our customers who have decided to enjoy the right to choose have never looked back.

They have saved on costs, found incredible stability, and, most importantly, they have found peace of mind regarding their energy solutions. The question is whether you are ready to choose to give your business the best in energy solutions.

It is only natural to feel overwhelmed when it comes to energy solutions. Still, there is no need to feel this way because we, Adjacent Energy, are here to take on the journey to find the perfect energy supplier with you.

Our Team

Sonny Ngo

Energy Broker/President

Adriana Reyes

Energy Broker/Vice president of Operations

Jason White

Energy Broker/Vice President of Sales